Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Crossed Wires.

God what a redundant title in my life. Anyway, in a fit of coffee amped writing spree at two in the morning and a whole pack of Luckies in a 24hr cafe in Juarez, Mexico I wrote the next film that I will start production on. Bouncing ideas offa Ricardo who vibrated with me as the cold wind blew with that big white moon hanging in the crystal clear starry sky. I have acquired a neat little camcorder with cool features and have bought the program to edit my film digitally on my computer. The look of the film will be like a film noir set in the middle forties. What follows is the rough draft:

Synopsis. Rough Draft. 1/17/06
Crossed Wires

Large grey concrete sanitarium - The Detective walks in - Surly attendants - Lunatics muddle about - Old man on gurney screams - The detective interviews the short fat and quite demented Dr. Benway. He explains that he must see Carl Peterson a patient in the ward and very, very dangerous.

Cut to Carl Peterson - handsome, mid thirties - Carl murders the night nurse - Steals her uniform and escapes the sanitarium - He steals a car after killing the lot attendant.

The Detective and Dr. Benway are notified and the Detective goes on the hunt.

Carl goes to a gay bar dressed as a transvestite hooker - he follows a john out into his car - kills him - an old fat man leaves a suitcase by a payphone and Carl kills him and takes the suitcase. The suitcase is full of heroin (or cocaine or money.) - Carl wants to sell it.

Hiding in a shabby hotel - He meets a young handsome trick and they have sex - his trick steals the suitcase - Carl follows him into a carnival where the young kid works - We meet the tricks friends who are the sideshow attractions, the freaks - they protect the boy - Carl finds and kills the boy and takes off with the suitcase.

The freaks chase Carl into a cemetery where Carl, after opening the case finds it contains a pair of sawed off legs - in a rage he bolts across the cemetery - he trips and falls into an open grave, breaking his neck.

Back at the carnival, in a trailer, two queens slow dance to a waltz with a pile of money on the bed.

Okay, I admit it can use work, but I think it will make a cool film. I want to film it entirely in Juarez to give it an off kilter foreign look. It will be very, very violent and very raw. I think it will be a great picture. Watcha think, my tender lumplings?


Unknown said...

Sounds awesome!
Lynchian and kinda Burton in a way. Who's gonna play Carl?

jjd said...

why none other than our crunchy leader I suspect (as to who will play carl)

This sounds like it could be very entertaining.. I'll be curious to see your first raw film senor.

ML said...

you'd look faboulous in drag, but i'm thinking you have more up your sleave, it is an interesting, intense and vivid storyline, and of course if it will be a short film you must keep the storyline somewhat understandable.
its raw, as you said, but what's the connection with the queens who finally get the suitcase, how about they having a beer with fatman as he leaves the bar?

jessitosa said...

Hey hey! I'm a screenwriter from Sydney, and doing a B of Media in Screen Production at Macquarie. Thought you'd be interested in joining forces...? hmmm....?