Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I hate him.
Great way to start a new year. Oh, well...I tell you it's a solo year of drinking and fucking and living. Fuck this relationship crap.
Love is hate. Oh, how they cancel each other out.
My heart seaths with such anger.
I hate you.


jjd said...

I guess this is why they say there is a fine line between love and hate.. and oh how I've danced and stomped on that line too.

Sorry mon capitan, I hope you gave william the comeuppance he deserved.

rich said...

I say love is an adventure... but what do I know... I'm new to all this.

katehopeeden said...

Ahhhh, I remember this.
I was just there a few months ago. Loathing the man that I Loved.
Hugs sweety.

Naked Boy said...

I hate him today and love him tomorrow. The fine line between love and hate tortures me.

Hermes said...

Fuck love.

Embrace your hate. Let it push you to even greater heights. I've noticed from the deepest, most repugnant bowels of hate I've produced beauty.

Besides love is overrated. Eat some chocolate.

Anonymous said...

jail time is the only difference between love and hate.

Bad Bad Girl said...

I'm sorry you are in this pain... love can really suck sometimes!!

this charming man said...

What do we get for our trouble and pain?
Just a rented room in Whalley Range