Tuesday, September 12, 2006

High Jinx.

The stage is set - the curtain has been drawn and the drama will begin to unfold.
I started my new job today with a myriad of mixed emotions. Firstly, I hafta keep this thing for two years if I am going to achieve my goal - and there lies the problem. In all my years I have never held a job more than six months - but I am trying to change - become more responsible - more like you.
Well, woke up before the tequila side of sunrise - the bluebirds hadn't even had a chance to brush their teeth yet - damn, can't remember the last time I had woken up at 5:30am. Showered and attended my morning grooming. Outside as the sun crept over the horizon, I stood there blinking like turtle in the sun. Bus rumbled by - got on - went to work with the housekeepers and waiters.
My job is quite simple - I take orders for a major clothing chain from their catalog - nation wide orders - good pay. Mostly women - and the few guys that did attend the orientation were really handsome, especially this tall hunka flesh named Eber. God he was hot - and he was working those tight slacks - not only a perfect ass but that boy had a box that didn't leave much to the imagination. I had the fortune of having this tall hottie sitting next to me at the training computers all day and -yup- the flirting powers where set on high maximum.
After work, Eber and I drove for ice coffee at Starbuck's and chatted but since he had a second job - he dropped me off at my apartment and split. Grrrjsss! Changing out of my corporate drag, I whipped me up a Cesars salad for dinner and then hit downtown to see what was what - ran into my Nigress in crime Suevon Moncrief, and she was on a Weed Hunt. So - along with her pal Fabian, part-time homo, we returned to my apartment building because it is notorious for the marijuana and such paraphernalia. Securing a bag we lounged at my pad - smokin' dope and watchin' Star Wars - the one with Luke Skywalker, fuck that Annikin shit! - and got fairly high and drunk the three of us wacky kids laughing and smoking our cares away...
Eleven o'clock rolled around and I gave Suevon and Fabian the boot - ironed my clothes the best I could - I was rather toasted - and crashed. Well, at least they don't drug test at this job...

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