Saturday, September 30, 2006

Whirlwind of Wackiness.

I'm hungover while I'm writing this - so forgive me if it goes astray.
Have you ever lusted after a straight friend? You're good friends, yet you know nothing will ever happen between you two - but deep down inside you want it to happen - because the guy is hot beyond reason.
I have known Mike McCabe for over a year - when I first met him - he was installing light fixtures at my old job when I first arrived in El Paso a year ago. We hit it off quite well - we had the same madcap zany sense of humor. Point was - he was hopelessly heterosexual. At the time he was engaged to some girl - madly in love with her. As a fact, he was quite shocked - he said - to find out that I was queer. He was cool with it, though. He admitted to me that the the act of having sex with men repulsed him - so I never forced the matter.
Over the year we kept in contact by way of meeting on the street, bumping into each other shopping and the such - he invited me to his apartment a couple of times. But it was a usually a brief visit of small talk and good laughter over a couple of beers.
Well, a bad coke habit and a year has passed and he is now alone and struggling living the life of a bachelor and I have brought you up to speed so let me take you to yesterday:
I was at work and it sucked - sitting at Node 39 I told myself, Luis you can do better. And I did. I shut my terminal off and walked out - first stopping to pick up my check it being payday. I called Roberto to give him the news but he seemed to be freaking out over family matters so no sympathy there - I went shopping. Bought a couple of real nice shirts. And I thought. I thought hard about my situation. I really deeply want to return to San Diego to work and save the cash I need for the Costa Rica venture. At least there are more diversions there...
Anyway - later that evening as I was sitting on my balcony downing some Steel Reserve and sucking a Lucky Strike, the big Texas night sky was dark navy blue and awash with stars and I didn't want to drink alone - the depression funk started to hit hard so out of the blue I called Mike McCabe and invited him for beer- but no answer on his end, had to leave a message. Dammit.
Sigh. Really feeling blue - I took a taxi to the porno theater and while I was sucking a quite handsome Mexicans cock, my cellphone rang - it was Mike. I said that I still wanted to come over for drinks, "Sure, c'mon over." The Mexican that I was blowing was quite the looker though - to bad I had to leave, real sweet fella...had helluva cock on him.
But, I digress and I left for Mikes via taxi. Sitting with that hottie and getting drunk in his apartment the jokes flew and we were having a good time and that was until he broke out the porn on his computer. It really turned him on - which of course got me hot. He confessed of getting fucked by a transvestite downtown a few years back and how he had purchased a dildo and randomly screws himself while masturbating.
I love alcohol.
Well, one thing led to another and Mike stripped down to his shorts - I was sitting in his white leather chair adjacent to him. "I took my pants off - why don't you take off yours?" He said coyly.
Not two seconds after I peeled off my black Kenneth Cole slacks he slithered over and started to blow me. It was so crazy - I was rubbing his shaved head thinking - My God! What a life I lead! He whispered that he wanted me to screw him - I lay him back on his futon and fucked him so hard - the look in his green eyes were hot and primal and beautiful - I came in his ass feeling his muscles gripping me squeezing me dry.
After we showered, Mike kept saying - "Wow, that was cool - not bad. I liked it." It was the second time he was ever screwed, I guess. "Don't fall in love with me." He said with a big smile. "Don't flatter yourself." I laughed, lighting a cigarette, "It was only sex."
He leaned back on the futon - staring at the ceiling fan, "Look - I like pussy, okay? Don't think of me any different." He paused and took a drink. "But at least now when I need dick I know who to call."
I'll never say no.
We drank some more - watched Conan O'Brien, and then went to sleep. He slept in the bed and I crashed on the futon - what do you think we are - a couple of fags?

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Chox said...

"My God! What a life I lead!"

Many a time I've thought the exact same thing.