Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Node 39.

Work dragged as work will. There is this little pudgy fella Ralph Martinez - black rimmed square glasses and all - kinda cute that sat next to my cubicle today. Not fat - just a little pudgy and it looks cute on him, you know what I'm sayin'? Hit on me pretty obvious and went all coo-coo for coco puffs when I mentioned I used to make movies - YUSTA, Ralph yusta! Key word. Well, chunky invited me for a drink after work and we drove in his Honda Civic down to centro El Paso to the Tool Box - the local fag watering hole and confided that he also makes little movies and wants this Saturday to get together and shoot something. Something. Write a script he says - about what? Well I got three days - I'll come up with something. Jeez!
The booze flowed and ya know how it is with beer you get all mushy and comfortable and the topic of how white guys got bigger penises than Mexicans somehow ended up the main point of drunken conversation - and right here I wanna state that I was not the instigator, okay? Well, anyway - Ralph to prove that I was wrong and just I think he was horny said let's go back to my place in which we did to finish this heated debate.
To the entire CD of Outkast's The Love Below and some of The Best of Prince Vol. 2 - Ralphy and me 69'd with each other and I gotta admit that shorty had some fuckin' dick on 'em - and we took our dear sweet time and did it all nasty like. Sixty-nine is my favorite thing to do. After we both drained ourselves - he and I showered together and lathered each others hairless torsos up - mine pale his dark caramel - and the boy had it in him to bang the bajeebus outta me in my white tiled bath/shower combo. After that we dried and dressed and went to Subway and gobbled some footlong subs. Well, lil' Ralphy had to pop the mood and act all stupid - getting all wishy washy saying we should be boyfriends and that he thinks he is falling in love with me. Play it cool, kid - play it cool. No time for love - plus, I ain't boyfriend material - I am way too fucked up for that. I'm just that kooky friend that you hang with once a week when you want a cheap thrill, ya know?
Thank baby Jesus Ralph had the cajones to accept that - it's only sex. No more - no less. So, we knocked around ideas for a short movie and had a few laughs - the ideas we were rolling far too many to mention here. The night progressed and since both of us had to be up early for work the following morning - I was dropped off at my flat, good nights were exchanged and I retired.
Life is okay. It's shitty sometimes - but it can be okay.


Jose said...

Oooh I can imagine all that sexual tension at work tomorrow.

Luis Blasini said...

Yes. The inverted glances. Stifled coughs. Sexual injokes. Little notes left on the desk. Dropping paperwork in front of me onto the floor - he asking me to bend over and pick it up. That kind of crap...

ML said...

Crosses around the blvd.... Loved his post!!!