Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Abilify Doldrums.

"My knight takes your bishop." He softy utters.
I look into his sparkling blue eyes surrounded by a mane of white hair. His beard extends down to his chest, hair knotted into greasy smelling dreads stuffed into a ratty baseball cap. What face he shows is lined and in the lines are dust. Yet, even though his body is thin and stooped and worn, his eyes glitter with youth and energy.
As I make my move, I take his rook. He stares at the board in serious contemplation. Around us a cacophony of noisy shits, hobos coughing and chattering, the television blares far too loud some tacky ass game show. The smell of the room is old foul linens and halitosis.
He starts to spin, "Now if I move there, you get me here. If I move there, you got that one. You got me if I move there. Damn." The old man strokes his Gandalfian beard.
Suddenly, it is the call for chow. All shuffle into the cafeteria and grab trays of gastronomical atrocities. As I sit sullen at my table, spooning the brown vomit looking stew into my mouth - the taste of pepper and lard - there is a donation of fine steaks and some new clothing. I realize they will never make it to the intended homeless - more often than not, the donations will be embezzled by staff and never seen again.
After dinner, I walk outside for a cigarette - like a brood of brooding vultures, several knots of tramps huddle together in dark overcoats smoking and spitting on the ground. The inane chatter I cannot take this evening - so I walk around the building through the graveyard of derelict cars. I pass silently as two men smoke crack in the front seat of one vehicle and slowly trudge by a darken van that is being used as a mobile whorehouse. I tell you, over the years coming to this mission, it has not gotten better, but progressively worse.
But, I digress.
I retire reading and am bothered by the onslaught of bedbugs. So, following morning I am dog tired. However, I have an appointment with PATH, the local nut ward to see what is what. Seems I am nuttier than squirrel shit.
I don't really feel like writing, plus my space key is sticking on my laptop and that is annoying the fuck outta me - so, really must cut this short.

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