Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clem and Gino.

Wind blew fierce and cold - little eddies of dust swirled in the ever so bright Texas sun. I stood outside the mission's perimeter - smoking and pacing and smoking and pacing. Wandering what's next - what's the score - staring down at the broken gravel littered with shattered bottles and crack pipes.
It was a bitter afternoon - the hobo exodus from lunch had dispersed and the time of day was lonely and silent under that big brilliant blue sky. The shanties of Juarez were to my right and the rusted and crumbling warehouses were to my left.
They walked out from around a corner from a massive broken wall next to the train tracks, sprouting from withered shrubs and garbage - huddled in dusty, dirty jackets, worn jeans, and torn sneakers. One was skinny of average height, blond with Aryan features. His blue eyes sparkled. The other was a slightly husky Mexican, with a shock of fine black hair cascading over his forehead covering thick straight eyebrows. Handsome with a boyish face. Both appeared to be in their mid-twenties.
"Hey,man - gotta smoke?" The blond one smiled.
Here it goes, I thought.
I handed him a cigarette and he lit it with dirty fingers. The Mexican asked for one, too.
"You stay here?" The blond asked, nodding towards the mission. I said yes and he followed up with,"Can't stand it, dude - the place is infested with bedbugs."
I agreed or something like that. The blond, Clem, he says, invited me to smoke some weed with him and his friend - Gino, is how he introduced himself.
"Sure." I smiled. "But, first - let's go up to the Circle K and get some beer."
"You got money?" Gino grinned.
"Yeah...more than I need."
After purchasing a case of Steel Reserve (That shit will fuck you up!) I followed the two down to their camp underneath the Interstate 10. Hidden under a massive concrete pylon, it was just a tent -small, smelled of old clothes and open beer bottles.
We three entered and sat across from each other on ratty sleeping bags. They explained as we drank that they were on their way up north to Oregon and just passing through. Gino sat quietly, mostly, rolling huge fat Cuban cigars of joints. They made sure I was compensated for me buying the beer.
The sun swerved in the sky as we drank and laughed and smoked weed - all three of us red eyed and goofy. I commented that it was some mighty fine weed.
"Hey." Gino slurred. "Do you know that bar Chiquita's? If you buy a beer they have a buffet. We can go get something to eat there."
"Isn't that bar a gay bar?" I asked, testing the waters with these two.
Clem grinned, "Yeah - but straight people go there too, ya know. Dudes are always buying us beer."
"Yeah, I said, "Them fags will do anything to get into your pants."
They laughed it boyishly off, shaking their heads no.
"Gino's gotta big dick, he's our money maker." Clem joked.
"Fuck you, man." Gino retorted, throwing a bottle cap at him.
"Ha! I pimp that bitch out!"
The two started wrestling each other. Clem pinned Gino down and started dry humping him from behind.
I laughed,"Now, boys - don't start anything you can't finish."
They slid off of each other, swigged more beer and I passed them the joint I was holding.
"Nah," Said Clem. "It's all cool. We got plenty of gay friends - it ain't no big deal."
I pondered and decided to drop the bomb."Well" Took a gulp of beer. "I don't want to alarm any of you boys but, I am somewhat queer, myself."
"Really?" They both said.
Jokingly, Clem slithers his scrawny frame up to me and slurs,"Wanna sucky my wiener?"
I rolled my eyes, "Whatever." But I saw that long lump in his faded jeans. "Okay - take it out."
With a little giggling, Clem leans back and unzips his pants brandishes a long circumcised erection. "Well." He nods down to it with glazed, red eyes - just faintly blue. "There it is."
Lean over and start sucking in long strokes, placing my hand on his white flat stomach, feeling the trail of soft hairs. I am laying on my stomach, sucking this cock, when I feel my pants being yanked down. I look over and Gino is kneeling behind me wearing only his shirt and coat - he had flung his pants off to the side. I continue to suck and lick as Gino spits into his hand and greases up his short fat uncut cock. Hissing through teeth, he slides it in and begins banging fast and hard.
"Damn!" I grunt. "This fucking boy is horny!"
Clem pushes my head back down onto his cock while whispering, "Suck it. Yeah - just like that - suck it."
Not five minutes pass, and Gino is lunging and thrusting furiously - I am seeing stars - and the big boy squirts a good load up into me. As he slides off, I deep throat Clem, working with my tongue and his cock stiffens - I feel the hot spurts gush across my tongue.
Fumbling and without words, we three dress and drink the rest of our beer,passing the roach around.
I break the uncomfortable silence, "Another episode like that and I'll be ready for the old folks home."
We laugh.
I say, "Look, it's getting late and I need a shower." They agree jokingly as I rub my ass. Unzipping the tent, I say before I leave,"Maybe I'll see you boys for breakfast?"
"Fer sure." They say. Then they both hit me up for some cash. I pull two twenties from my wallet and hand it to them. "Here ya go. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."
I walk out into the night - the silence of the big moon and sea of stars is destroyed by the blast of the passing freight train rumbling. I stumble back past the foreboding dark warehouses, downing gulps of beer. I turn the corner and see the yellow lights of the mission - hear the sighing of the freeway - I light a cigarette. I stand and wonder what I truly am going to do. Scrunching the butt into the sand with the toe of my shoe, I sigh and walk back to that foul smelling madness...

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