Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In My Head

I remember having a dream, that in some sense might be considered a nightmare - though they usually coincide with each other and vice versa. I was within this large apartment building - it was dark, very dark - and I made my way to the top by walking on very narrow stairs. Long dark shadows. The hissing of a radiator, the gurgling of old pipes. The further up I went the more stressed I got, since it was all dark and I swore I heard things looming in the shadow. The interior of the building was very shabby and decrepit, with walls scraped for paint, and I had the inexplicable feeling of being chased. Made me think alot about Eraserhead when I woke up.


Ryan O said...

When you dream of shadows and things lurking in them, it usually means that there are apects of yourself and your personality that you dont want to acknowledge or admit to yourself and others, so you hide them away from the world. If you believe that sort of thing, that is. Would that make sense?

Luis Blasini said...

For reals?