Friday, March 25, 2011


Happy birthday to me. I turn 44 today. And, I still feel like I am 30. Neat, huh? I sit here and think about the past decade - hell, the past 20 years for that matter and what a wild, crazy blast it had been. No regrets, actually. Why should I? I had done things and traveled to places most if not all my friends dream of doing. And the best part is, I came out unscathed. Ok, a little on the eccentric side - but, still kicking.
And it will continue. I am half done with my TESL class and as soon as I recieve my certificate, I will start making plans of which South American country to relocate too. Colombia sounds great - both seedy and furtive, Ecuador is high on the list, or I may give Costa Rica a whirl. Once I have a year under my belt teaching English - the world is virtually my oyster!
Avanti, bitches!

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