Monday, March 14, 2011

Moving Without Moving

And so...
The novel is chugging along - ideas and prose blasting out of my mind like projectile vomit. I hope this one is the one. Haha! The one what? Even if I did obtain a small fraction of literary fame with these little beasts, I am sure I would treat it the same way that I treat everything else in my life - with a shrug and a 'whatever'. Though, for certain a life changing event.
Speaking of life changing events. I turn 44 this month. far to young - in my bloodshot eye - for retirement. You see, when I received my latest apartment - I had never mentioned strictly from embarrassment - that they stuck me in a retirement center. It's a nice, big apartment - very quiet. I am the youngest in that building and I swear to Gawd that the row of shriveled witches that bask in the sun out front, eye me and lick withered, chapped lips as I pass. Chirping 'buenas dias', fanning their bird legs or mammoth pasty thighs in unbridled lust as I walk past out of the building.
Shit. Where was I? Oh yeah - anyways, I have still far too much vigor and life left in this borrowed flesh to settle down. Attaining SSI has given me a great four year vacation - but, man - I am itching to do crazy shit as in travel and adventure!
So, over the year - several friends across the globe had invited and tempted me with the idea of teaching English abroad and using that position to travel the world. I was directed towards this online school - - and after doing extensive research, I have decided to take the 120hour course and hopefully to be in Thailand by this fall.
Why not?
One of the offers that enticed me was that after completion and attaining your certificate, they offer an internship in Thailand to get the noob up to speed on teaching in front of a class - pay is good and rent is paid by the school.
Actually, I can do this - I have taught in the past. I love being in front of a group and I am perky as all hell. So, I will be a far cry from the nasally droning teachers I had to sit through...
I think I will do this - what do I have to lose?


judi said...

Two of my cousins are teaching English in Korea.

It's quite the sweet gig.

I really do think you'd enjoy it.

Luis Blasini said...

I am looking forward to it, Judi! It is something I have contemplating for a few years now. I am happy it is finally coming to fruit. I am shooting to teach in Latin America - the school I am with has internships in Ecuador. That would be an awesome start!

judi said...

Well if you ever have questions, hit me up - I'll put you in touch with them.

I know that this is the second stint for one of the girls. If I could have take leave from work for a year (and still kept my benefits - you know, needed to medicate my diseased brain and all), I would have done it as well.

I wish you all the best of luck, darlin'. I know you hate dull. Even though you can find passion and fun while being medicated, resting on your laurels is so not you, babe.

Please keep me apprised - I think you have my e-mail addy. And you can always find me in my place of preference: Twitter (because insanity is funnier when you keep it under 140 characters)!

Good luck, my friend. Bring back lots of stories.