Saturday, March 12, 2011

Write, right?

"A pathological business, writing, don't you think? Just look what a writer actually does: all that unnatural tense squatting and hunching, all those rituals: pathological!"
- Hans Magnus Enzensberger
I have been sitting at this cafe on a bright, warm Saturday afternoon writing maddening, depressing prose about the homeless in painful detail. It really is putting me in a funk. I really should be out with my friends drinking and enjoying this day - but, Burroughs once said to his son in a letter that the life of a writer is a solitary one. He sure wasn't talkin' shit, man.
I figure that the rough draft will be ready by mid-summer. Then the fun part: editing. God, how I loathe that part.
You at first love your work, right - but after the fiftieth time reading and re-reading starts to really wane your enthusiasm.
But, it is the profession that chose me - so, I'll just go with the flow...

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