Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Another Sleepless Night.

The kind where my heart aches so terribly for something that may not even exist. Sometimes it seems as if it longs for one night of pure passion, insane lust. It screams for a lover’s warm tongue tracing over my skin, the sting of his nails digging into my back, and the bite of his hot open mouth all across my body. It begs me for one night of insane, mind-blowing sex with a nameless guy who will have me down on my knees swearing I’ll love him forever, but only for tonight.
But then again, as if contradicting itself, it pleads for a love story, for a budding romance, for a partner in life. It cries for the nervousness that accompanies a first kiss with a handsome man, the comfort of falling asleep with a warm and gentle body wrapped up in my arms, and the indescribable happiness of being able to say “I’m in love with you, forever” and knowing that I’ll hear it back just as sincerely.
My heart aches so mercilessly, so relentlessly, that it brings me to my knees. I pray to every god known to man that I’ll discover the cure before this ache takes over my entire being. But, I fear that I never will. I fear that this ache will break me down to the core and leave me as nothing but a pile of brittle leaves on the ground.
So, please, lover, find me. Find me for that one night of absolute bliss that I’ll never forget with a lover I’ll never remember.
So, please, lover, find me. Find me for that love story that trumps every other love story I’ll ever experience.
Please, lover. I’m fighting this terrible ache, I’m fighting it for you.

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