Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Fuck Files No. 257

When I slide most of my cock out I can feel the breeze of the ceiling fan blowing on it, cool from the drip you coat me with. Then back in, deep, and finally warm again. You cling to my neck and I keep one hand on your hip and one under your ass, spreading you open. I push up and into you while you press down and into me and this is us - fucking, sweating, kissing, all tensing muscle and slight corner-smiles. You take my earlobe between your lips when you squirm with orgasm, and when it’s my turn you roll to your back and pull my cock to your mouth. With me on my knees over you, you jerk me off until the thick white bursts out my head and flops onto your face and waiting tongue. You swallow my come and my cock and I fuck your face for a moment while the rest seeps out. I fall back spent and we lay there looking at the ceiling fan, trying to make it spin backwards with our minds.

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Anonymous said...

Got me wet xx