Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Charred Flesh

Juarez City Dream:
They brought the steaks out with sweet corn and Bulleit bourbon on the rocks. We sat, we ate, we drank, and the fags of the restaurant sent us their winks and smiles. When we cut into our slabs of charred flesh the blood pooled in our plates and we sopped it up with honey rolls and potatoes. We disregarded any green vegetable and kept it strictly carbs, animals, and clanking bottles that seemed to be leaking at the bottom. We ordered again and cut into the new pieces just as hungry as the first, the fat bursting flavor like male ejaculate. I wanted to fuck and I started looking around the room. I saw two Mexican guys in the corner, opaque and thick eyelashed. I sent them a bottle and when they looked up, I smiled and waved them over. Tony blushed and kept his Loc sunglasses on while I put my hands on their thighs and whispered sweet nothings about my hard-on. One took it upon himself to get under the table and put me in his mouth while the other cut my steak for me. I used my free hands to drink and smoke a thick raspberry blunt. When I wanted to come I did and I shot it into his mouth, gagging him. He came up with thick white on his chin and glistening on his lips and I smiled, told him to kiss the other fag. They did and I blew out smoke and smiled some more. Tony ordered another round of steaks and bourbon and I sent the boys on their way.

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marv said...

Oh those eastside Applebees...