Monday, April 16, 2012

Reversed Illumination.

I sleep in the nude so when I wake up I am naked. I pull the comforter off of me and sit up, both feet on the floor. My toes crack and my ankles crack and I squat down to stretch my waking body. I stand straight and keep my shoulders back, my chin tucked. My body walks to the restroom and I turn the shower on, get the steam built up. While that happens I do pull-ups in the doorway - 20 times, 3 different ways. I step into the shower and let the water pound the back of my neck numb and then I clean myself. I scrape the old skin off and the grease from my scalp. I lather my genitals and pick the loose hair. I scrub my face. The water turns my skin red and I trail off into thought. I create worlds and people with lives and choices and I usually find a way to kill them off. They are born in me and they are killed in me and I find it all so amusing. I step out and dry off, wrap myself up in the towel. I clean out my nose and ears. In the steam on the mirror I make trees - simple trees that look like pine trees. I brush my teeth and rinse, spit. I put my underwear on. I put my jeans on. I put my holey white t-shirt on, the one from years back. I roll a joint and write the lives and deaths of the people I birthed. When they are killed off I smoke some more and forget them, ready for a new day.

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Anonymous said...

Just stopped in - I see you're writing regularly and it keeps getting better! "My body walks to the restroom..." that's a good one!

Keep it up, u hopeless lovable wreck!