Thursday, May 10, 2018

silent rumblings

Awoke, washed up the best I could, and after breakfast of tepid coffee and a stale donut, spoke with my appointed case worker, Carlos.
I explained my intentions to remain in Flagstaff and apply for assisted housing. After getting the address to the Flagstaff Housing Authority, I( made my way there only to find out to my dismay that their waiting lists are closed (opposed to the outdated internet site which stated otherwise).
Well, fuck. Now what?


Anonymous said...

Hello. Very interesting blog. I like reading about your travels and experiences. I'm going to be homeless soon here in Yuma AZ and I am so scared. Reading your experiences makes me feel a little less nervous. Have you considered relocating to other parts of Mexico? Good luck and safe travels.

LMB said...

Thank you for the kind words. Homelessness is passing. Indeed, I have spent time at the Crossroads Mission and as far as shelters are concerned, it's safe...filthy, but safe. There are far more worst places to get stuck. No, I have not thought of other places in Mexico at this time focusing my efforts in getting to South East Asia. Good luck to you and I hope you the best. Again, thank you for reading my blog.