Tuesday, July 18, 2006

That Which is Below

Normally I would have left by now. But, I am a changed man. These long months in therapy with MHMR, the local nut house here in El Paso has changed me.
Why am I so bitter - so empty?
I used to be somebody. Once.
I stand on street corners and as cars scream by the drivers stare at me with malicious intent so nasty. Today - I am on the hunt for employment being the exact opposite of that at the moment - I decided to take the bus to West Corporation, a telemarketing gig that has the reputation of hiring anyone.
Now, I get on the bus that is jammed packed with housekeepers and - get this: the fucking bus driver is a germaphobe! Every time a passenger enters, she cringes in repulsed fear or she cowers behind her jacket wrapped around her head to obstruct her view of the passengers that so much disgusts her gaze. Amazing. So, anyway - get to West and after jumping through their hoops for two hours the manager drops the bomb that they have records that I used to work there six years ago for about half a month and before considered for rehire he wants me to write a letter letting them know why I want to work for thier company. Thank God they're not holding a grudge, right.
After wiping the blood from my ass, I trudge home, hack the chicken carcass to bits left over from last nights feast and fry 'er up. My caseworker calls to cheer me up with a 'things are going to get better' pep talk before letting me know she just quit and is moving on to another job. This is the only person I ever trusted. She's gone now, too.Sigh.No money. No cigarettes - I would suck cock right now for a Lucky Strike. I am one depressed cowboy. I am contemplating if the outcome don't come by the end of the month, I shall pull up my stakes and return to San Diego.
At least there...the people are pretty.

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