Saturday, July 29, 2006

A New Hope.

Traffic in my apartment was hectic. If I am asked one more time how I am feeling by an agent by MHMR I swear I'll kill myself.
Visited by several caseworkers from the loonybin to see if yours truly is okay - Monday I hafta go to Kook Central for a check up of the noggin and as most likely will have to spend the night downing all types of psychotropic drugs and tolerating anal probe after anal probe. The good thing is I will be granted SSI benefits - that's free money monthly from the gov folks gratis in large amounts for the rest of my miserable life. And what do I plan to do with it? Well, along with some part-time employment I'm sure to land - God knows what that will be - scrimp and save for a year and do The Secrete Project - it has become my obsession - my single propose in life. With burning desire, I will focus all my attention onto this endeavor - I have nothing else to lose.
It will become my life. It will be my new hope.

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