Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dark Shadows on the Wall.

Woke up and made scrumptious menudo - from a can - for breakfast with a cup of joe.
Dragged my ass across town on the bus to see if there was employment available at this one joint that a friend said that 'they were always hiring' - well they were not. And on a side note; nice to see racism is alive and well in our fair country. When I got on the bus and plopped down in the back next to this old Mexican hag - she gruffly got up and sat two seats forward. No big whoop, I thought. Until she grumbled something and flipped me off.
Sigh - I just let it slide and kept focused on the matter at hand of getting a job. Well as luck would have it - the old cunt got off at the same stop as me. Now get this - crossing the street as we were entering the shopping plaza's parking lot, the old bag starts yelling, "Die you fucking asshole!" In espanol yet.
I did what any red blooded faggot would do to protect his honor. I said, in my best Travis Bickle, "You talkin' to me?" and casually walked over to her and spat a big loogy right into her wrinkled contorted face. Wouldn't you? Well - she screamed and she hollered and she cursed like a sailor some more after that. I just calmly walked away thinking if she is going to hate me at least I will give her a justifiable reason to. Why is it we live in a society built on apathy? Where does these people come from?
After that stupidity, I stopped in Barnes and Noble and found the coolest book on Costa Rica and read up on the subtleties of opening a business down there. Can't wait.
It seems I have decided to start small, perhaps with a coffee shop first and then move up to the hospitality part. I want a gay bath house - yeah, pimp out my own boys. Heh - heh - heh. Just kidding, a Bed and Breakfast on the beach will do just fine...with boy whores.


monsoux said...

A hug. I feel like giving you a hug. Maybe you also need a hug. Yeap, I have a compulsion to give hugs to nut cases like you, a tough cookie, tough on the outside and soft on the inside. OK?

Flavio said...

my country is the best thing in the whole world. you'd love it here.