Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Up your ante.

After much bitching as only a bitch can bitch - EBT is functioning fine. MHMR has upped the doses of psychotropic medications - hey Mr. Lee how 'bout them roaches? - and have to battle the dark shadows just out of range of my optics. The old now you see them now you don't. Yeah, I'm crazy.
Must come to the conclusion that in a desert all things are desolate - employment, mental health, love - and that must demand patience. After all, two years are at my disposal. The search for employment continues - look pretty darn hot in my Tommy Hilfiger jacket and black slacks. Kerpow.
Pulsating emotions of warmth and love and understanding from Central American ghost egg me on to complete my goal - but the Great Black Vortex still looms ahead. Like Homer I will sail through this tempest or will sink - what ever the outcome my fate I shall accept.
Damn this depression is insidious business.

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