Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Living in a Septic Tank.

For the past two days the city of El Paso has been under water - which is odd for a desert city. But never the less it has been drenched in torrential rainfall. The worst of it all is I have been on a forced fast. I - through no fault of my own - have run out of food at my apartment and within a series of stupid events I have not eaten anything for three days - going on four. Several people that I thought I could rely on have said they would help me but of course not - worthless unreliable shits. And 'they' wonder why I am so independent and do not trust anyone. They never can see past their own ignorance. Oh well - like I always say if you're going to do something, do it yourself - others will just wind around fucking it all up. I am better than this...

Last Friday, MHMR issued me a voucher to the food bank, at the time I had a couple of cans of soup to last until Saturday. Drank a lot of coffee all of Sunday. Unfortunately, because of this stupid and freakish storm the El Paso Food Bank was closed both Monday and Tuesday and of course as luck would have it not opened on Wednesday. So, looks like I shall be dining on hot coffee and will power tonight and wait for tomorrow.


Anyway, desperate for cash I decided to sell my laptop - however, now get this and this is one of the millions of reasons why I loathe El Paso so fucking much - I take the damn thing to all four pawn shops in downtown. Nope - we don't accept computers.


All the rest of the friends I have are poor and worthless and want the damn thing for like twenty dollars. So, again I am back to square one. Bad thing is I erased all my saved documents - including my book - all for nothing.

Well, highlight is I got a job and I start the following Monday - so that will alleviate the financial woes a bit.


Hermes said...

Like a repentant junkie you came back... excellent! Made my day.

Carlos said...

Good to see your writing again.
Experienced my share of tropical storms and hurricanes in Puerto Rico - it does suck, very hard without water or electricity.
Check out this program for making a backup of your blog. Its free and does the job very well.