Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ignorance Is Strength.

This week had just gotten progressively worse. Do office workers get off on being incompetent? Why are all the good ones fired and the idiots always kept on the pay roll?

Had a run in with my caseworker at General Assistance concerning my EBT card - has not and will not be activated until she gets a written letter from MHMR stating the fact that they are paying all rent and utilities. I had of course asked my tech - the one who is handling the payment and receipts of said documents a month ago to fax General Assistance a month ago - fucking month ago - said letter. Four times I had asked and I was told it had been done. Not by the caseworkers files at General Assistance of course.

After several pleaful phone calls to said caseworker - she finally agreed since no tech or tech's supervisor could be reached at MHMR, I myself could fax over copies of the paid receipts and lease from my apartments office and all will be dandy.

Okay. Fine. So, jumping aboard the World's Worst Public Transit System, I finally reach my apartment and with much arrogance I get the documents from my landlord and are grudgingly faxed by her. But - no. They are not good enough. Called back the caseworker at General Assistance and she then informed me she needed that fucking letter signed by my tech.

Fuck you. I'll wait until tomorrow. Luckily on the bus I met an old friend - grand old queen by act of congress - and he gave me a sawski and Lucky Strikes and food was purchased. Staples, you understand.

Woke up early Friday morning and - thanks to the crappy transit system - two hours later I am at MHMR bitching long and hard about my EBT card and that fucking letter. Much smiles from my tech's supervisor and phone calls were made and psycho therapeutic pills were downed and a letter was drafted and after reaching the caseworker at General Assistance was finally notified that my EBT card would be activated in 24hrs.

24hrs later and that mother fucker is still at zero and it is Saturday and the fucking Kafkan offices won't open until Monday.

Why do I even bother getting out of bed in the morning?

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