Sunday, January 17, 2016

don't worry 'bout a thing

We made ourselves survive it, whatever it was. When we were drowning, we taught ourselves to be fish and swim instead, we smiled with our new gills and told no one of it. When the monsters came for us with their teeth that sing of terrible things, we ran for safe places even when our lungs were savage for it. We survived. We showed up with bruises or cuts or bony shoulders for it, we swallowed pills or liquor or both, we held ourselves together with iron or twine or just thin silver hope. We lived it. We still live it, but we are stronger now, and know the name of the things that hunt us in the woods of our minds. We are excellent archers now, we have arrows we have honed from the strongest bits of ourselves, from the loyalty to our friends and our humor and our kindness. We did not come out of it unscarred. We are not even out of it all. But we are alive. And we are strong. We did the impossible.

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