Saturday, January 23, 2016

empty chair at the table

It was perhaps 60, 70 minutes before I moved from the spot. I did not even pretend to be busy, anyone watching in the crowd would know what the interaction between us was concerning. I imagine I caused those folks with the laptops angry. Sorry guys.
Describing this as somewhere I should not be might be accurate, rather, on the dot. Still an unmistakable yearning persists and I am unable to identify the cause. Possibly the idea of a later pursuit across the country is stuck in my head. Sadly, chasing for that kind of good in my life seems a lost cause.
I have never done any of this in an extremely long time. There are a multitude of things I can say that to, but this one matters. And perchance writing this down will…
The man at the table beside me asks for the empty chair across from me, your chair.  And that interruption, which is what this was for us. This, something quiet and warm, interrupted by flux of the world around us.

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