Tuesday, May 01, 2018

images that seem to linger

Rolled over in the musty sagging bed and attempted to piece together the night before. The dank room I was in was windowless, graffitied walls painted pink with the lingering effluvia of a million Mexican hookers. I lay naked on an old spotted mattress, itself stank of mildew and various indescribable aromas. The bathroom was down the hall. I rose slowly and staggered to the sink next to the bed and took a piss, washed it with water from the tap then splashed my stubbled face.
Gravity took over and I slumped uncontrollably back onto the bed. I lay there dizzy and aching - head pounding as I stared at the naked light bulb dangling from a wire coming out of a hole cut in the plaster in the ceiling. Directly above my face was a bright yellow spot in the plaster. That's rat piss, I thought, not water damage. Rats always piss in the same spot. Humans don't - unsanitary fucks...
My mind throbbed with the kaleidoscope of a million images. It had to be round nine at night, the bars were in full drive cause the sidewalks were pregnant - crawling with twinky Mexican fags. They swaggered and cooed to and fro from one disco to the next all glaring and giggling at every crotch. The disco and cha-cha beats thumped as outside between the clubs hustlers lurked in the shadowy shadows to rob the unwary tourist or desperate old queen with time worn accuracy. We stood outside and smoked and laughed until I was invited inside for some much needed drinks. He said his name was Arturo. Short in stature with a thin build and black curly hair cut short. I loved his smile.
The place was jumping, you dig. Wall to wall boys lined up and jumping to the beat, swirling and dipping and walking around like aroused Tom Cats. The sexual tension was thick like only it can in these Mexican gay joints.
Arturo introduced me to his friends - all fine characters and there was one cutey - a thin twink named Manuel and he really took a liking to me. The boy really liked to drink his drink. And on that note - the tequila began to flow.
Arturo, Manny and I hit the dance floor and boogied down until the joint closed down at 2am when the lights snapped on. The waiters ushered the whole lot out into the streets where there were some more socializing - fags, trannies, and lezzies huddled in groups talking and laughing all wondering where the next party was - a yellow hummer drove by and invited me to a fiesta in the hills, but I refused.
Arturo and I jolted drunkenly across the street to a chicken restaurant and devoured delicious chicken tacos and made out in the booths - where the waiter snarled pinche jotos but we just laughed under the sneering glare of the fat mamacita who was running the joint - and that's when Arturo came up with the idea to rent that cheap ass room. After we stopped to buy a fifth of inexpensive tequila.
Down dark, trash littered alleys of mangy dogs and bums with quivering hands reaching out forever, past shady characters glinting eyes under fedoras twinkle in the moonlight and hissing hookers with silver teeth and bruised thighs - we stumbled up worn wooden stairwells to a nameless hotel in an unknown place and slapped down the twenty in front of a fat receptionist chewing on a cigar so nasty.
With difficulty, Arturo pried the wooden door open, flicked on the light and the bugs scatter. We ritualistically passed the tequila bottle - taste so good going down. I retch. Arturo jumps up and down on the bed - something breaks inside - we laugh.
Tongues and fingers probed as clothes were peeled off and erections exposed. I sat on the bed as Arturo laid me back and began to suck my cock like a champ and that fucker knew what he was doing. He continued to kiss me talking all dirty like in Spanish. Arturo's fingers found their mark and were slid up in me and I didn't need to instruct this horny fucker in anything, he puts my feet up over his shoulders, spits into his palm, lubes his cock and slides in with slow deliberate movements. Thrusting and lunging, Arturo fucked me as I gasp and grunt through clenched teeth. Arturo jacked me off, kissing and massaging me - talking oh so dirty. With Arturo milking it out, I gasped and squirmed in intense orgasm. Pounding faster and harder, Arturo pulls his cock out and squirts his semen all over my stomach - falling next to me in a sighing plop.
We lay there talking a bit sharing a Delicado cigarette. Eventually Arturo had to split and he did. He got dressed, we shook hands and said good night - I finished the bottle of tequila he purchased and fell onto the bed.

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love said...

gay sex i want when i go to tijuana but always scare to try. i being straight my whole life , but always know I'm bisexual just scard to try it