Thursday, February 22, 2007

No es sympatico.

I have attempted to look for work because my money is beginning to dwindle much like my hopes. If I do not find employment fast - my ass is out onto the streets again. It doesn´t help that Carlos - that hottie I met in Cinema Latino a few nights ago - has been coming over nightly and pumping my wallet dry. I believe it´s time to cut him off - hot and sexy rent boy, but he ain´t cheap!
On the other side, I have started communications with someone I care deeply about - it is so rare that you get a second chance. However, on all fronts I think I have dealt my last hand...


Mario said...

Hey sunshine!!!!!!!!!
im back, there is NO EXCUSE NOW! so drop whatever your doing (including that sympatico boy) and lets grab some Cafe con leche!!!

Luis Blasini said...