Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tainted Moon.

Warm night like an Indian summer, so I decide to peruse the bars. El Taurino, Villa Garcia - sit there guzzling icy cold Sol and not an amigo around. Hit the broken streets and they are bustling with late night activity, damn festive mood but me getting the bum kicks cause there nobody I know. But as fate would have it I run into an old acquaintance - a portly screaming fag named Derrick Osbourne. He and his roomie are out and about and I tag along.
Hawaiian Bar is closed - guess they didn't pay the right officials - so we hit a new joint called Azteca and it is jumping. Wall to wall hotties and we are the toast of the town. Much liquor is consumed and ciggies puffed and we go on a crusade down Revolucion to bar hop - amid the catcalls and witty comments of the machos.
First place we go - up flight of dangerous stairs but rolled out the literal red carpet - was a swanky clip joint called Exotics. Nice - like some snooty fag place in New York. Fuck danced with three very hot locals and downed more orange juice and vodka till we sauntered over to Medusa's - new place, so I am told. We's the only fags in the bar but enjoyed a good transvesti show and then the best stripper ever! What a body - and with each bill I caressed that adonis physique like the perv I am. Danced to great reggeaton - and you bet I used that brass stripper pole in the middle of the dance floor like a pro - wild applause from the staff.
Stumbled back to Azteca - first Derrick stopping to purchase $150 gold bracelet like the glamour puss he be - made good contacts with the handsome waiters at Azteca. I like their type - will come home with ya if you are so inclined. One tried to impress by balancing a shot of vodka on his head. Danced, drank, smoked, yapped.
Round four I call it a night - cause I am way fucked up - say adios and stagger home. A block from my room the obligatory stop from the cops - against the truck spread eagle and asked the routine questions Wass ur naim? Tienes ID? I reply drukenly holding up my card, "Corben Dallas Multipass." - at least both were cute. No prob - so I get home and crash in my king size. Perhaps I will stay in TJ a little longer to soak in the sights...

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