Friday, February 16, 2007

Cinema Latino.

Rain fell hard the night before, I bolt out of my room and head to Plaza Santa Cecilia stepping around incandescent pools and dodging stands selling mouth watering tacos to the bustling metropolis. Nearly dive into the street and sideswiped by a kamikaze taxi yells obscenities. Bolt into the Norteno Cafe and there is old Chuck sitting furtive and emaciated like an old time schmecker. We shoot the shit as only two queens can, grrl - guzzling coffee and scrutinize the parade of boys under that bright blue Mexican sky.
Say adios to Chuck and on a caffeine buzz I decide to take in the feelthiness of Cinema Latino - the local porno theater. Slap the forty pesos down to the pinch faced cunt at the window and enter the cavernous hall amid the grunts and slurps of jotos doing their thing. On screen some bitch is getting it good and plenty as I take a seat up in the balcony. Eyes are adjusted to that murkiness and when I look to my left there is some joker in a gold and blue luche libre mask going down on some vato. What the fuck with these citizens? I repair to the bathroom where I am cruised by some slick and sexy cat - he follows me out to the foray and chatting begets touching that begets stroking that begets kissing that begets us two leaving and repairing to a local taco shop where we get to know each other over fruit drinks. Miguel Angel is his name - a cutie, too. Real pretty eyes.
After gobbling lunch, we walk over to my trap and gobble each other. Bed boings and bangs with our hoochie ass acrobatics - vecinos hear Miguel moan as I go porno on his ass. Good time had by all and we both come to some sort of climax - lying in sweat and saliva and semen, Miguel is one hella of a fella. So, on the corner we shake hands and he mumble something about seeing me another time, another day. ¿Por que no?
I walk over to the border and after waiting a fucking hour to cross - I jet to centro San Diego on the red line and take in a screening of Smokin´Aces. This movie was good, it can be complicated for some people and maybe they need to watch it for the second time, because your common movie goer is vapid as cows. The story, acting, and visual effects pretty damn good - during the movie you will be all hyped up and like to know what will happen next. Working Title Pictures made a great action/adventure movie, and they chose the great actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Roy Liotta, Jeremy Piven. If you like some movies like Snatch, Departed, Sin City, this movie is the best choice. Get off that fucking computer and go see it.
After the movie, I wonder around - visiting Border´s Books and wish what I could buy. Run in to an old friend and after a bit of whateverhappenedtosoandso I return to TJ in that chilly night. Stop for a cuppa joe at a cafe - wink at a sweetie cause he´s sweet - I gulp my 4th coffee and light a Lucky and walk the dark quite streets back home.
Mexico is a dream.

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