Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Forward to Go.

Woke up to La Sirenita by I think Plastalina Mosh. Man, did that make me homesick. I started to wonder about all the friends I left behind in Tijuana. The urge to return pains my stomach in knots. Showered, got dressed and went downtown to a cafe I haunt called Cafe Tejas - the coffee is quite toothsome.
Two drunks were sitting at the bus stop, passing a bottle of Jack between them. At six in the morning - stood there with Lucky Strike hanging from my lip grinning at their silliness. Oh, well. When you gotta have it you gotta, I guess. Any other time I would have joined them. But I still am down with this damn cold. I wish I didn't smoke that weed last night with Hector...I am so tired. So weak. I have had a soar throat for about two weeks now. Perhaps a trip to the croakers is in order. Fuck that - the doctors here in El Paso are so pathetic the drunk quack would probably crash into the room loaded on crank and sew a live monkey up into my abdomen.
Downtown, time went a little slow. Nothing happening - El Paso is a dead museum. Same old shit. Man what a boring normal existence. I dream of Tijuana on a daily basis. Bored to nostalgic tears, went home and cooked dinner. Grilled chicken in tomato salsa with Spanish rice. Nice glass of Merlot. Did some final edits on my laptop to that movie I want to do - someday. It lifted me out of the doldrums for a bit. Hector came home from his job, we talked, ate, and fucked. His girlfriend is on the rag so I am benefiting from the deal. That boy really can make one work up a sweat. Went to sleep around nine thirty.
The time is now. Unlike Lots' wife - there is no turning back. Before I crashed, Roberto called from Idaho last night - he will definitely be here next Wednesday to leave for San Diego. Thank God! I will be going home. For a while anyways - until I am ready to debark for Central America.

I came to this miserable city sick in mind and body with the assumption of staying only three months and wound up a year - I couldn't possibly have seen myself trudging through one or two more years in this God forsaken hellhole. How I loathe El Paso - with such a passion you cannot believe. Everything about this wicked little town is wrong.

It will be so good to be in a civilized city again - my writing and creative juices will flow - employment opportunities will be better - and more adventures for your perverted little minds to read.

All ready, I can't contain the girlish glee...

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