Saturday, October 14, 2006

Met My Match - I suppose...

After a bowl of menudo for breakfast and dragging my ass to a job interview that I obviously aced - I raced downtown out of complete boredom to find something to do. In this sedate comfy life I had settled in - this warm snugly cocoon, I am getting slothful, lazy and beginning to gain weight - I am losing my flat stomach! And the most horrid of it all - I look onto this with complete apathy. As the raggedy bus chugged down to centro, I thought I have the Sissy Hankshaw blues. I need to go - I need to travel - I have become such a bore.


Well, for kicks I decided to go troll the porno theater up on Texas Avenue - waiting for the bus I stood there sipping my Dr. Pepper watching all the sad, overweight people and it put me in a funk. I see myself becoming them. I am them.

I walked away from the bus stop and over to Plaza San Jacinto - bummed ever more - changing my mind for the moment on the porno - and was happy to find little Carlos holding up a wall waiting for a bus to go to work. This was the same Carlos that had come to drink with his friends at my house last week. We stood there and shot the shit - laughing under that bright Texas blue sky with dead leaves falling the first kiss of Fall - for awhile he made me forget my depressed funk.

"Hey, I know that vato." Carlos smiled, "He crossed the border illegally this morning - the guy is cool."

I looked and saw the person he was talking about - a short attractive Mexican man walking with this crazy white woman who usually hung out on street corners and strung her guitar badly for change. As soon as he saw Carlos he excused himself from the street wench and jumped up at us babbling in Spanish to Carlos - all the while eying me with suspicion because you realize all white men are border patrol agents, right?

The guy was relieved when he found out that I spoke Spanish and we three stood there for awhile and talked until Carlos had to leave for work. Afterwards, I found out the guys name was Francisco and he was quite charming - so charming in fact that out of the goodness of my heart and the willingness to help any wary traveler in need, I invited him to my trap for dinner, in which he agreed.

In no time - as a fact seconds after the door to my apartment was shut - Francisco asked to pop my porn into the DVD player - which I always keep handily displayed on top of the counter. Sure - why not. An hour passed of watching porn and watching him crotch grab until finally we both just said Fuck It and flung the clothes off. Wooh! This was not a boy - a 38yr old man with experience and he fucked me - twice - like a freaking porn star. When we where done we lay next to each other - soaked in sweat, my asshole battered and my back splattered in semen. Afterwards, we showered and he said he had to return downtown - so I walk him to the bus stop, said our goodbyes and left.

I went into my flat - ate a Ceasar salad and watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and the Even Cowgirl's Get the Blues. My ass never hurt this bad - he really let me have it. I could not sleep from the uncomfortable feeling - at least Rob Zombie had a double feature cult show of Plan 9 and This Old Dark House - but my butt hurt. I think, for the first time in my life - I had met my match. Or maybe I am just getting old.

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Unknown said...

...or your ass got smaller.