Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Job Fair Day.

Today the city of El Paso held a Job Fair at the Convention Center downtown to display all the employment opportunities that the burg had to offer.

I dressed to the ninths and tenths in my black and grey Kenneth Cole's and shuttled downtown to see what was up. As I entered the cavernous hall it was already crowded with about a hundred eager unemployed milling about from booth to booth - my mind vibrated by the circus music piped over the loudspeaker that was intermittently interrupted by an overcaffeinated announcer hawking some telemarketing job. Why is it in these small bergs, telemarketing is always regaled as a fine line of employment when we all know that it ranks three rungs below public bathroom attendant on the job scale. Well, I meandered around and filled out several applications until I got a hand cramp - depressed in the fact that there really was not much to offer. But, at least there was some nice eye candy - and some hotties in ties were checking me out, too. So, it made the trip tolerable.

But, as I walked around the sad booths that offered nothing but mostly industrial crap - that was when I made my definitive decision. I have been playing with the idea since I left Redcats - If I do not attain a reasonably paying employment here in El Paso by the end of this month, I will definitely pull up my stakes and return to San Diego. If I am ever to achieve my goal with this Costa Rican venture - I need a sizable income and stop playing around with these crappy wages. At least in San Diego I know what to expect and how fast I can attain it - and the style of living is a hell of a lot more promising than in this no-where TexMex town! I have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this - plus I can use a little side adventure right now.
Anyhoo, the local faggitos of El Paso I find quite a bore of late - petty and gossipy bunch. So, why not?
Son cosa de la vida, cabrones.

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