Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Here and Now.

Got the nuggets to text Roberto to see if he still wanted to go to San Diego last night via cellular. Roberto hightailed it to Idaho to work a high paying temp job - last I spoke with him he was all for the transition to California.
A few minutes later, he text'd back saying he is on his way - he will be here in two days.
And so, here it goes again. I am ecstatic to finally rid myself of this limbo that I have put myself in. Once in San Diego - of course after getting settled and securing a decent job, I then can focus on my Costa Rican venture.
I quiver at the possibilities to come...
Just remember this - all agents defect...and all resisters sell out. That's the sad truth, Bill. And a writer…a writer lives the sad truth like anyone else. The only difference is…he files a report on it.
- and I will continue to do so.

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mkf said...

lol, the tedium of stability proved too much for you, didn't it?

i had a feeling when you told me you envied me my middle-class security that you were full of shit--now i know it's true.

godspeed to the west coast and whatever adventures await you there, mon frere....