Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back in Tee-jay.

Woke up with a hella head cold - but took the red line down to the frontier and crossed into Tijuana to seek a furnished room for rent. Past the hawkers and the hookers I entered Plaza Santa Cecilia in hopes of running into that old Canadian, Chuck - what the fuck?

No dice on that corpse, however I did bump into an old friend named Philippe who waitered one of the restaurants and he explained that he has a friend that has a furnished room for $150 a month. Since he mentioned that he didn't get off of work until 5pm - I had some time to kill.
I meandered through the neighborhoods west of the Strip checking out rooms for rent - I do not wish to rent an apartment, since I am leaving for Costa Rica in September. I stopped and had commida corrida at a little cafe that I like - though all has seemed to change. Even the great park that the cafe was adjacent too - known for years as a hotbed for homosexual cruising - all the trees had been cut down. I did locate this one spot that rented rooms but alas no one would come to the gate when I savagely banged on it.
Temptation led me to Cinema Latino - the porno theater downtown for a spot of unclean fun. After doing the nasty with some guy named Sergio in the back row - I ran into an old friend I have known for decades. Jose was his name and man, has he 'plumped' up. Okay - he got fat.
After a few more cocks I exited the theater and briskly walked back to the Plaza to meet with Philippe. Unfortunately - and true to his cute but dingbat personality - the room in question was way up in the hills and I wanted something more central. Saying my good nights, I returned to the border and once back at the hotel - I was so tired I just crashed...caught the tail end of Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles. Masterpiece!

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