Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wow, Bob, Wow.

The veil of black has been lifted and everything is going right as rain - for the moment. Why? Well, sit down and I'll instruct you, silly - I finally landed the position that I had been aiming for and it pulled through as of yesterday...Front Desk Supervisor at 500 West Hotel in downtown San Diego. http://www.500westhotel.com/ Wow. What a break! I can finally have the limited financial freedom that I have dreamed for all these years - if my sanity holds out - troublesome little beast. The place is nice and both the General and Front Desk managers are real cool. I think it will be fine. Yup, happy with girlish glee.
So, to celebrate I roared like a fiery rocket down to Tijuana via trolley and crossed over the carcinogen choked frontera in search of some rest and relaxation. And I found him. Saul was sitting in Cafe Norteno with his five peso shades sipping on a Pepsi light. When he saw me he bounded across the plaza like a lanky gazelle - long time no see was muttered through my dangling Lucky Strike. We sat and I bought tacos carne asadas - talking of things in general. He asked what brought me to TJ today and like magic the surroundings blurred and swirled and were replaced by the stale cracked blue walls of Hotel Belim - smell of old linens and dead insects.
Saul was like a crazy animal - he pushed me onto the bed and lay on top, our tongues probing each others mouths, necks, ears. Fumbling - the clothes were flung all over the room and the boy pushed me back down and as he bit and sucked my nipples, grinding his long uncut penis into my crotch - like a horny bitch my legs wrapped around his brown thin frame, "Cojer mi, Saul!"
A smile spread across those thick lips and he pushed my knees up to my ears, spitting into his hand he lubed his erection and - jeeeeeesssssssuuuuussss!!!! - slid that long fucker in; me hissing through clenched teeth the old bed banging and squeaking as Saul pounded like a fucking porno star talking all nasty in Spanish just the way I like it. I jacked myself off as the moments swirled and closing my eyes seeing sunbursts hot licks of semen splattered my stomach and chest. Thrusting faster eyes glazed over, Saul grunted - "Aqui!" - and I felt his cock thicken and pulse as his hot stream burst inside of me and it was so fucking good. We lay under the blankets, sharing a joint - talking about when I will be moving back to Tijuana. I grabbed his long flaccid cock and grinned, "Soon, baby - soon."

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Brad said...

Congratulations on the job, and that other stuff, too.