Monday, January 22, 2007


And so - the wheels of change have been set in motion once again. My passport papers have been submitted in totum and I have applied for my Visa. I tell you the Kafkian bureaucracy at the Costa Rican embassy was quite an ordeal. Though I do not need a Visa to live in Costa Rica, the document is to be used for other plans within plans...
The plan for now is as follows: Will move into Tijuana and live in the cheapest furnished room I can locate while saving all the dinero I can muster from this relatively high paying job I have acquired. In the meantime, I shall enjoy myself - frolicking with childlike abandoned...okay, hedonistic abandon with the Interzone boys of Plaza Santa Cecilia.
And during this time - I mean, I plan my departure at the end of this summer, no later than September - I want to at least to purchase a laptop and work on my book and shoot one film. Just one! I ran into a couple of old friends yesterday and they are itching to make a movie with me - just like old times, they says. So I pull out this little script I have been playing with titled Luna and it knocks them for a loop.
Here is a sample:
Renee's CORPSE on a slab is rolled into an examining room by an ATTENDANT. The entrance of the body is shown reflected in a chrome-framed mirror that juts out from a tile wall. George prepares for the impending autopsy, laying out a rack of instruments, positioning the corpse. As he is doing these things, TENOCH enters, accompanied by his GIRLFRIEND. TENOCH is dressed formally, in a tuxedo. The young woman is wearing a slinky dress with a fur wrap, pearls, spike heels. The couple are close; she has an arm through his, and she laughs, nervously. He is smoking a cigarette.
Hi, doc. Workin' late tonight, huh?
Party at the mayor's house, George. This is his daughter, LUNA.
Howdy, LUNA.
Howdy, George.
George uncovers the body - individual parts are wrapped like packages from a butcher's shop, and labeled: L. ARM, HEAD, R. BREST (misspelled).
(looking at the packages)
Just like Christmas .
He begins to unwrap them.
I don't know if I can watch this.
TENOCH tosses his cigarette down on the floor. The camera goes down on the smoking cigarette butt on the floor drain; smoldering there among hair and flesh gristle on the drain's filter screen.
Leave any time you want, lover. I won't
take it personally.
The camera stays on the drain as we HEAR TENOCH unwrapping the packaged body parts. LUNA's high heels enter the frame around the drain.She is stepping nervously, like a spooked horse. The clatter of her heels is very loud. We hear TENOCH chuckle.
It is a dark story about a femme fatal that gets involved with a ring of thieves that sells body parts out of a morgue and sells them on the black market. And it's a romantic film noir! I can't wait to direct - it will take place all at night, everyone will wear black and everyone will smoke.
My mind has been moving in strange directions of late. My manager asked - since I like movies so much - what film character do I see my self as. I stared at him blankly, "Have you ever seen Fight Club?"
"Oh, you think you're Brad Pitt...what was his characters name - Tyler Durden?" He smiled.
"No - not him. The other one."

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