Sunday, January 21, 2007

Criswell Knows All...

This is my yearly horoscope. Very strange. So far I have fucked up the romance part. Sorry, Jeff. Truly I do hold regrets in this miserable torment of a life I lead.
Year 2007 Overview Provided by
Motivation and hard work will help you recreate your life, giving you new opportunities in your career this year. Change is in the air. Go forward and walk through the doorways that life is opening for you. The positive energy you have cultivated will pay off in big ways. Work has always been very important, but you may start feeling some confinement or restriction in your freedom to be who you want to be.
While you are in the process of enhancing your career, take stock of yourself and reconnect with your roots and what you want to achieve. A new cycle of blessings is on its way and your life will be totally transformed. You'll know instinctively what it is that will give you the balance and connectedness you need to make the right choices. A new relationship coming your way will really perk up your interest as well. Get out that swimsuit and get ready to spend some exotic moments in the sun with the new person you're attracting into your life. You will be getting out of the house more and a surprising change of focus will be take place. The home you have created is nurturing and gives you a place to retreat. The relaxing atmosphere helps you feel secure.
You have a wonderful chance to explore far away places this year. You could travel to locations that stimulate your emotions and bring you to a new level of happiness. Go for it! You will be supported financially and these opportunities will transform your life in ways that you've never imagined. Stretching your spirit will encourage a complete metamorphosis in your life.

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