Saturday, January 20, 2007

Room for One More, Sir.

Got rolled at the shelter. Took my backpack with my Walkman and my CD's, had a dogeared copy of Junky and Tristessa. What crackhead wants to listen to Tom Jones or Oingo Boingo? The most important possession I guess losing was the notebook - all my writing was in there. Everything else could have been rebought - but it was a damn shame losing that notebook.
On the employment front; work is all right. Front Desk Supervisor and the highest paid job I have ever had in my life - I have already doubts of staying. Fact of the matter is I just want to stop living altogether. I threw away the last vestiges of any type or hope of having a relationship in my life - it is all gone. It is too late for me. I really want to die and death would be a welcome friend.
But! I have a country to conquer - so, I have purchased my passport and will continue down to Costa Rica as planned. However, I will be going the way of the lonesome traveler...Kerouac, Burroughs, Hemingway...I have alienated myself from all human contact, it seems - nary an old friend exists and all I have left is me. Well, even myself is starting to work my last nerve - a ver...

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